Modern Stained Glass Making

Creating a Modern Window

Stained Glass

There are a great many rooms in the world where window space is limited, but it no longer means people have to do without a light source. They can plug a lamp into the corner, or they can permanently wire a light into the ceiling. For those who want a view, cutting through the outside wall might not be possible because the wall opens to another room. Instead of remodeling the entire house, they can create a stained glass window that will fit into the wall. It can help ease the darkness of their room, and creating a modern window with stained glass will add beauty to the room.

Creating a stained glass window today can be done in several different ways. The glass can be individual colored pieces fitted together with lead or copper, or it can be a vinyl mural printed from a computer program and laid on a sheet of glass. Both ways have become accepted, but using different pieces of glass and joining them will provide more texture to the piece.

Framing the window will generally be the same process for either type of window, and it should be done with gravity in mind. Setting the window into the wall will put the glass upright, and this fact alone should be a thought as the piece is put together. Making sure the glass can take the strain and remain in place without breaking will be important once the light fixture is added and turned on.

A window being created in a room without an outside wall will not add light, so part of the assembly process is to put in a fixture. It can be wired directly into the electrical system, or it can have a plug to put into the wall. Figuring out where to place the light for the best exposure to highly the stained glass could be the most difficult and important factor in the end.