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Glass has been an important material since ancient times, and it still has many uses today. For those who enjoy the creative world of art, glass has come back into focus as a versatile material that can be transformed into works of art. Stained glass windows have been around for centuries, and their beauty is admired along with their longevity. For those interested in learning how to create their own stained glass art, there are many different ways to get started.

Modern art studios have found the resurgence of stained glass art to be an interesting phenomenon, and many of them have begun offering classes to beginners. They have often found there are enough local artists to instruct newcomers, so their biggest hurdle to offering classes is to ensure there are plenty of raw materials available. Not all glass is suitable to create stained glass pieces, and the instructors are often given the final say on what is best.

Flat glass is important for those creating in this medium, but it must be sturdy enough to be suspended in a perpendicular frame. Color is another property that matters greatly, so finding suppliers that can create the right glass with many different hues is important. Some artists and studios have found it best to save any odd pieces left over from projects, and they often use these as part of the first lessons for those taking classes.

There are many different ways to create stained glass pieces, and some studios offer classes in actually painting clear glass. It is not quite the same as creating with small pieces of already colored glass in a caned framework, but it is often pleasing for students with little time to devote to learning all the new skills necessary to create a finished piece. It can be a good way to get them interested in learning the techniques they will need to eventually become stained glass artists.