Modern Stained Glass Making

Redefining Colour in Windows

Stained Glass

The world has progressed over the centuries, and artists have contributed their share of it. Some of them have made great strides in graphics through the use of computers, but others have found that redefining colours in windows is an exciting field. Many centuries saw mostly basic primary colours being used in stained glass, but today’s artists and craftsmen have plenty of choices when it comes to creating stained glass windows. They may opt for those same primary colours in bolder forms, or they could branch out to the newer combinations that allow them greater depth.

Artists specializing in oil paints have spent centuries perfecting their own colour palettes, and the range they can achieve is almost endless. For those working with stained glass, mixing colours has been a longer journey. Each colour used in making the glass has a specific formula, and artists of long ago often had little time or resources to be able to create new colours. Those that did were often sought out by patrons looking for something unique.

The sharing of information in many fields used to be restricted to the journeymen attached to a particular artist, but that type of relationship does not always apply in the modern world. Artists looking for new ways of doing things are often willing to share the secret of how they created a particular colour or item, and they may even publish it online. Being able to trade information with others in their field gives them an opportunity to be more creative, and even the formulas for some colours falls into this category.

There are many different designs and materials that have contributed to beautiful stained glass windows over the centuries, but today’s artists have taken their work even further. Creating new colours with the available materials, sharing their knowledge, and creating works of art has expanded the beauty of their work while helping others in their field.